December Skies in Kansas

Here’s our sunset sky on our street. I love the gentle pink hues of the early December sky.
I was taking the rural route to my daughter’s elementary music program, and decided to pull off the side of the road to capture this magnificence. I love getting out of town, away from buildings and trees to see the expanse of our prairie biome. I feel like I can take a deep, freeing breath.
When winter weather showed up, pictures happened through our living room window. Here’s a lovely sunrise to start the day.
And it got colder. Our morning sunrise is now framed with the lace of Mother Nature’s frosty art work.
The gentle blues of the morning might be my favorite picture to date.
Imagine my surprise when I found my husband took a snapshot of me taking a picture! I shouldn’t be too surprised; I have taken pictures of him taking pictures for years.

Published by Lorna

I spend time hanging out with my husband, those two adults I had the privilege of momming, and two grandchildren. I love connecting with my friends and talking about what’s important to us over a cup of local jo. You can find me outside taking walks, bicycling, tending our wild yard, or inside cooking Gluten-free yummy food, knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, and catching up with my large extended family. After exploring approaches to life, I have decided the guide for me is Love. And that keeps me grinning.

17 thoughts on “December Skies in Kansas

  1. I’m officially on a blogging break, but when I saw notice of your post in my email, I decided to make a wee exception from my time off. In the past, I have had difficulty following you and getting notifications of new posts. Not sure why. Anyway, beautiful pictures! Hope I continue to get notices of your new posts.


    1. I was surprised to see your “like”and “comment” as I didn’t think you had been able to follow me. Thanks for making that wee exception! I hope to blog more; it has been awhile.


  2. Happy New Year. I enjoyed your photographs. I do miss prairie skies but New Mexico has great ones. Keep writing and taking pictures.


      1. Indeed. A window company here keeps trying to get me to replace my windows but I won’t do it because of the cost. My windows are original and are 26 years old…


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