Whew! Humans are still needed!

Google photos offered a compilation of pictures I have taken of snow. Since it’s snowing today, I thought it was so appropos. I watched the video, only to discover that Google Photos included our trip to White Sands National Park last October! Really, Google, that’s pure white gypsum sand, not snow! I guess there’s still room for actual human input.

Enjoy “Snow Days”

Published by Lorna

I spend time hanging out with my husband, those two adults I had the privilege of momming, and two grandchildren. I love connecting with my friends and talking about what’s important to us over a cup of local jo. You can find me outside taking walks, bicycling, tending our wild yard, or inside cooking Gluten-free yummy food, knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, and catching up with my large extended family. After exploring approaches to life, I have decided the guide for me is Love. And that keeps me grinning.

8 thoughts on “Whew! Humans are still needed!

      1. I agree with you! They are predicting that in six days! But tomorrow I am driving through the left-over snow to take my daughter to the airport so she can attend a convention in Las Vegas. I hope she has downtime to enjoy your weather!

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      2. That’s coincidental! Friday is sunny and 61, Saturday is sunny and 68 then Sunday is sunny and 73, 77 Tuesday so we have a warming trend in progrees but it’s ripping windy today with 50mph gusts!


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